Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm Flying

Had to be in work on time today so I put the bike rack on the car and left the car near the kids school. Usually I would bring the car back to the house and cycle from there, but this way I save about 10 minutes off the journey.
Hopefully after the summer I wont have to use the car at all as I'm planning to buy a double trailer bike. I hope the kids get as much fun out of it as I will, they certainly enjoy the bike seat, but one of them all ways has to walk and the school is a good 50 minute walk away but only 10 - 15 minutes by bike.
For some reason I felt full of energy this morning and all i'd had was a bowl of rice crispies. I wish i'd reset my bike computer as i'm sure it was a personal best and I must have been averaging about 18mph which is good for me. I had to take an alternative route because of a police road block and it meant going along a really smooth tarmaced bit of dual carriageway. And with a bit of light rain keeping me cool it was a really nice ride in and kept me buzzing all morning.

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