Thursday, December 09, 2004

Trailer Bike

I got my trailer bike this week and just finished putting it together last night. It was fairly straight forward till I read the last bit about removing the seat post! Having not removed the seat post since I bought the bike I thought I was going to be in for a hard time. But after a bit of welly with a hammer and a few twists for a good half hour it came out so i could fit the bracket. But it meant I had to take the mud guard off so i'm going to have to look for a mud guard that will fit on somewhere else.
Anyway I havent taken the kids out on it yet so i'm looking forward to the weekend so we can have a good go on it.
I got a bottle of lemonade chucked at me last night on the way home, they just missed with the liquid so threw the bottle aswell which hit the back wheel so I went after them - didnt catch them though - probably good job that I didnt, its difficult not to react to these things though.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

This has got to be the coolest bike i've seen in ages. I saw the kids version in a bike shop in Kilkeel on Saturday and when I checked the website it turns out they have an adult version aswell for about £600, cheap enough for a recumbent but a bit difficult to justify when I wouldnt be using it on the road - but then again I can get virtually the whole way to work by tow path so maybe in a couple of years time. I'm busy looking for a solution to getting the 2 kids to school by bike without 1 of them having to walk. I'd love to get a Bike Friday tandem (pictured on a previous post) but in the mean time I think I'll go for a trailer bike.
Posted by Dave