Tuesday, June 29, 2004

BBC Bias

From BBC News - "A 72-year-old Teesside man has died following an accident with a cyclist who rode off before emergency services could get to the scene."

I first heard this news on Radio2. Very sad but why is it making national news when reports about hit and run accidents involving cars rarely make it out of the local rag?

Monday, June 28, 2004

Drugs Scandal

Just one week before the TDF and Drugs are making the headlines again. It makes you wonder how many of them are still at it, especially when someone like David Millar with a supposedly clean history is caught. Oh well - i'll still be watching Lance go for his 6th anyway.

David Millar
Posted by Dave

Saturday, June 19, 2004

The only way to travel!
Posted by Dave

Bike to Work Week

Well as Bike Week draws to a close I managed to double the amount of people cycling in to work! Doesn't sound quite as impressive when I tell you that just one other person bothered to get on their bike.
Out of an office of about 200 people you'd think that more than one person would cycle in on a regular basis. Most of them do live quite a distance from the office though, so you could blame the government for centralizing my particular branch of the civil service in Belfast, Whilst an old branch 2 miles from my house lies empty. So most of my colleagues would say their only option is bringing the car, which is probably true. Just another example of how the car is given priority in every detail of the planning of our lives. Whether it be going to work, doing our shopping..Everything is designed with the driver in mind.
I think people realize the damage that cars do but they just don't care. We live in very selfish times.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Cameras save 100 lives a year

I know you can argue about statistics till your blue in the face, but its good to see speed cameras get positive press coverage for a change.
To say its not speed that kills but dangerous drivers misses the point. If you are driving fast you are a dangerous driver. The faster you go the worse the carnage if or when you do crash.
I've never understood why they allow the manufacture of cars capable of speeds over 70 when the speed limit is 70.
When are people going to realise that driving isnt a freedom, its a privelege and one that they frequently exercise at other peoples expense.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Guess who I voted for

Having said I should remember to bring my camera out with me more often the next day I was cycling home and I heard a whirring noise over head. Now its not unusual to see helicopters in Northern Ireland but this one flew right over my head and landed right in the field next to me. I dont think I would of got the camera out quick enough for a good shot anyway.
I just nipped down to the polling station to cast my vote in the European elections. The Green Party obviously got my number one vote. The UUP and DUP both put me off by referring to Sinn Fein/IRA in their opening paragraphs - I hate negative campaigning. Most of the other candidates made some reference to environmental policys, but it just seemed like a token gesture that they were adding on as an extra vote grabber.
To be honest i'm not really interested in party politics but i'd rather the greens got a seat than any of the others.
By the way i've just started a photo blog aswell at http://banthecar.buzznet.com not much on it at the moment but it will be a good place to stick my photos.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

This is my first attempt at E-Mail Blogging so lets hope it works.
I wish I'd had a camera with me the other day. I saw a crusty cycling
in to Belfast the other day with a big flat basket on the front of
his bike. Nothing unusual in that, but in the basket were 2 dogs
- I think they were Terriers. Very cute, especially as one of the
dogs was wearing a scarf and the other had a pair of sunglasses.
Its definitely a step up from the dog on a string that was de rigueur
when I was inclined to wearing dreadlocks and washing infrequently.
I should remember to bring my camera out with me more often, you
never know what you'll come across.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Nail the danger drivers

It turns out that the road block I came across yesterday was because of a drug related shooting - it even made the national news! It's amazing the things you come across when you commute by bike.
Browsing through a colleagues copy of the sun yesterday I noticed they have launced a new campaign "Nail the danger drivers" after a driver got away with a 2 year ban and £83 fine for killing a pedestrian. All very commendable till you remember that they are also campaigning against speed cameras - have they not noticed the link between the two?
I'm sure i'll get on to speeding in later posts.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm Flying

Had to be in work on time today so I put the bike rack on the car and left the car near the kids school. Usually I would bring the car back to the house and cycle from there, but this way I save about 10 minutes off the journey.
Hopefully after the summer I wont have to use the car at all as I'm planning to buy a double trailer bike. I hope the kids get as much fun out of it as I will, they certainly enjoy the bike seat, but one of them all ways has to walk and the school is a good 50 minute walk away but only 10 - 15 minutes by bike.
For some reason I felt full of energy this morning and all i'd had was a bowl of rice crispies. I wish i'd reset my bike computer as i'm sure it was a personal best and I must have been averaging about 18mph which is good for me. I had to take an alternative route because of a police road block and it meant going along a really smooth tarmaced bit of dual carriageway. And with a bit of light rain keeping me cool it was a really nice ride in and kept me buzzing all morning.