Saturday, June 19, 2004

Bike to Work Week

Well as Bike Week draws to a close I managed to double the amount of people cycling in to work! Doesn't sound quite as impressive when I tell you that just one other person bothered to get on their bike.
Out of an office of about 200 people you'd think that more than one person would cycle in on a regular basis. Most of them do live quite a distance from the office though, so you could blame the government for centralizing my particular branch of the civil service in Belfast, Whilst an old branch 2 miles from my house lies empty. So most of my colleagues would say their only option is bringing the car, which is probably true. Just another example of how the car is given priority in every detail of the planning of our lives. Whether it be going to work, doing our shopping..Everything is designed with the driver in mind.
I think people realize the damage that cars do but they just don't care. We live in very selfish times.

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