Thursday, June 10, 2004

Guess who I voted for

Having said I should remember to bring my camera out with me more often the next day I was cycling home and I heard a whirring noise over head. Now its not unusual to see helicopters in Northern Ireland but this one flew right over my head and landed right in the field next to me. I dont think I would of got the camera out quick enough for a good shot anyway.
I just nipped down to the polling station to cast my vote in the European elections. The Green Party obviously got my number one vote. The UUP and DUP both put me off by referring to Sinn Fein/IRA in their opening paragraphs - I hate negative campaigning. Most of the other candidates made some reference to environmental policys, but it just seemed like a token gesture that they were adding on as an extra vote grabber.
To be honest i'm not really interested in party politics but i'd rather the greens got a seat than any of the others.
By the way i've just started a photo blog aswell at not much on it at the moment but it will be a good place to stick my photos.

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