Monday, April 02, 2007

Another rider in the family.

My son finally learnt to ride his bike this week. I had started teaching him at the end of last summer but when the winter nights set in we didn't get much chance to practice, but now that spring has arrived it only took a couple of sessions and he was flying.

I think half the problems from teaching your kid to ride come from them looking behind to check if you are still holding on. As soon as they do a couple of runs on their own the confidence just builds and builds.

With Easter coming up, it'll be good to get a couple of rides down the tow path. Only one problem though - my daughter has now outgrown her bike. I don't want to buy her any cheap rubbish so it looks like i'm going to have to fork out nearly £200. I'll just have to make sure she gets her moneys worth, or should I say my moneys worth.

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Anonymous said...

Love the photo! Bonne route!