Sunday, May 15, 2005

Happy Cycling

The bike seat / trailer bike combination is no more. My 7 yr old now rides her own bike to school and my 5 yr old goes on the trailer bike, which make the whole journey a bit easier.
On the first day I wondered how I was going to get my daughters bike back home. But with a bit of experimentation I can now safely secure her bike to the trailerbike with bungee cords and ride the whole lot home again. Don't know what I'm going to do when she gets a bigger bike though.
The weather has been brilliant this last week, and the kids love being out on the bikes. We even went to Wallace park at the other side of Lisburn which is much nicer than our local park which is usually full of broken glass and grafitti. I can see some bigger expeditions coming on this summer!


Not Responding said...

Er, why don't leave your daughter's bike locked up at her school?

Dave said...

cos the child minder picks them up after school and I dont usually get home till about 7, and where the school is you wouldnt want to leave the bike locked up that long.