Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Long Emergency

I found a link to this article The Long Emergency on another web site (sorry cant remember where now). I've read a few articles on the depletion of oil reserves, most of them fairly long winded, but I liked this one - it was short and to the point i.e. Oil is running out and there isnt really an alternative.
I did the juggling show at a vintage car rally at the folk and transport museum last weekend. Since when is a Ford Escort Mark 3 a vintage car? And why do the enthusiasts spend so much time polishing their engines - sounds like a double entendre.
They take it all so seriously aswell, you can imagine todays boy racers (if they survive long enough) looking at their Corsas with a nostalgic glint in their eye in 20 years time - only then it will be more poignant for them as there wont be any cars on the roads (with a bit of luck) they'll all be in museums or being melted down for bike parts:)


Not Responding said...

I'm sure you're on to it already but Kunstler has a weblog with a weekly article. Worth reading IMO.

It's at

Dave said...

I hadn't seen that before - good site. thanks