Sunday, April 03, 2005

Boy Racers

I don't know what they call them where you live, it's boy racers over here. Now I consider myself to be quite a calm, laid back, don't want any trouble, anything for an easy life type of person but boy racers really piss me off.
Halfords were opening a new store in Lisburn today, and my friend Mr Wizzy was stilt walking for the opening so I popped over with the kids to have a word. Halfords have their own brand of Chav car accessories called ripspeed and the ripspeed girls were there for the assembled boy racers to oggle at.
I don't know what it is that annoys me the most about boy racers - the speeding, the loud exhausts, the parking in the disabled spot at the local vivo, or the dropping of McDonalds wrappers out of the window.
To be honest I think its just the act of "cruisin" that annoys me the most. While I'm taking care to reduce my family's car use to a minimum, they're driving around just for the hell of it. I'd hardly call 20 nightly trips around the town centre an essential journey.
Then everyone acts all surprised when one of them wraps a car round a tree. Three lads from the local college were killed last year when they took their corsa out for a spin at lunchtime. Our local councilor (who's a bit of a car lover himself) said we shouldn't jump to conclusions about the accident, but I'm sorry if you managed to kill all of your passengers on a straight country road with no other cars involved, It doesn't take a genius to work out that you were probably speeding.
I went in to Halfords anyway to look at the bikes, but didn't buy anything because I didn't want to indirectly support the "cruisin" scene, plus their bikes are crap. I think its better to support your local bike shop anyway. I use LifeCycles in Belfast


Anonymous said...

Well here in New Zealand we call them boy Racers aswell!!
You could say now its just about apart of the culture!
I dont think there is anything wrong with the boy racer concept!
Not all are bad, on average probably about 2000 cars lap Colombo st on a friday and sat night! and out of that number you will probably only get a couple out there to cause trouble!
There is also a big comp called the sth island champs 4 & Rotars that was on a few months ago and they estimated 10 000 boy racers were in town! there was only 60 tickets given out and that was for either restricted drivers or something that was broken on the car and out of that 60 only 2 speedong tickets so that has to say something!
So do not critise something you have not looked into or no nothing about!

Dave said...

I'm sure some of them are very well behaved, but as you may have guessed from the name of my blog it is car use in general that I have a problem with. And for me Boy Racers just epitomise the evils of a wider car culture that is slowly killing this planet. If you have to use a car you should only use it for essential journeys, and not go round burning fuel just for the hell of it.

"So do not critise something you have not looked into or no nothing about! "

I have no interest in looking in to boy racers but to be honest it doesnt take much looking in to does it. I think its fairly obvious what the scene is about, peacocks strutting about trying to out do each other with the most tasteless vehicle. Frankly I find a pile of vomit more aesthetically pleasing.
Finally I dont usually pick people up on bad spelling as mine isnt the best but speedong and no instead of know made me laugh - thanks for brightening up my day.

cant tell u said...

there eint fuck all wrong with boy racers only cuz u have kids and shit like that i think boy racerc r cool cuz if we all drove round like u we wud all be monney old fuckers but there r lads out there enjoying them selfs un like u so go and get a life

Dave said...

It just gets better and better. Hilarious. I would welcome more comments from other boy racers, chavs, or scum in general.

Gar said...
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