Thursday, August 30, 2007

Outdoor Swimming

After reading a supplement in the Guardian last weekend about swimming in the great outdoors, I have made full use of my time off this week and have swam twice in the sea so far this week with another swim planned for this Friday!
My first swim was in Ballycastle inbetween shows at the Lamas (spelling?) fair. It does feel a bit cold when you get in but you'd be amazed how quickly your body adjusts, and then you just have the joy of swimming in an unending stretch of water. I'd bought a snorkeling set a while back and this was my first chance to use it - it does take a bit of getting the hang of just breathing through your mouth, and there wasn't much to see besides sand but it was fun anyway.

Then yesterday we went to Newcastle, having bought a body board on the way, and I swam in the sea with the kids. It took a bit longer to get my shoulders under because I had to deal with the stoney beach aswell, but eventually I was snorkelling along pulling my son behind on the board.
After a well earned ice cream - we had a choice between the arcade and the open air pool at "Tropicana Land" (Believe me - it's not as glamarous as it sounds) and the kids opted for the slides and heated outdoor pool. The water felt too warm after swimming in the sea - but certainly more kid friendly. I think next year we may invest in wet suits - for the kids anyway.

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