Monday, March 05, 2007

Google, gardening and gearing up.

As the long dark winter nights come to a close it's time to get the bike serviced again. I'm beginning to think a fixed speed bike would be better - maybe if my employer, in their infinite wisdom, decides to run the tax break scheme for cyclists I might treat myself.
Still haven't got round to digging a plot in the back garden or putting the green house up. If I leave it much longer it's going to be too late. A three day weekend would suit me a lot better - 1 day for tidying the house, 1 for doing the garden and 1 to do everything else.
I'm going to have to get this template thing sorted out - the blog isn't looking very flashy at the moment.
Hopefully this year I'll have a few more posts on topics that are currently of interest to me such as scepticism, atheism etc as well as the bike and environmentalism stuff. If nothing else this blog will provide me with a record of how my thinking has developed as I've got older.
I'm now using G-Mail by the way and I must say i'm very impressed and the google personalised home page is a very handy way of keeping up with all the blogs I read - definitley worth considering if you haven't done already.

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