Friday, December 08, 2006

Juggling footprint

One of the things about being a juggler is you do have to travel a fair bit to do jobs. We use my juggling partners car most of the time as it is the only option for lugging around a big unicycle and a trunk full of equipment.
So if you include the parrafin I burn on my fire torches - my carbon footprint from my juggling job is probably bigger than that for my office job which I commute to by bike.
Added on to this is the guilt of occasionally taking on corporate gigs for the likes of coca cola - they are charity events though.
At the moment we are performing in a few towns for their Christmas Lights switch on (yet more carbon wasted) and last week we were in Larne and guess what. Santa turned up in a stetch hummer!! I could barely hide my disgust and I actually said to the organizers "do you think santa should be turning up in a hummer with global warming happening?" She took it as a joke and just laughed it off, and I didnt take it any further because I still wanted to get paid.
I mean, Hummers are bad enough but a stretch hummer!!! Who came up with that idea?

One of my juggling friends Caoihme has just moved to Lisburn and she also cycles, so we both commuted in together this morning. She usually just cycles around the town so the 10 mile journey this morning was a bit more of a challenge for her - but not much considering she is the Female World Brazillian Ju Jitsu Blue Belt Champion!
Any way, it was a nice crisp morning and she enjoyed the ride. So it will be nice to have someone to cycle in with once in a while.

A stretch Hummer ! I just cant get over it!

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I prefer my bicycle
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