Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Riding against the wind

The wind and the rain has been ridiculous this last couple of weeks, but it has led to a couple of nice cycling moments.
The wind has been behind me on the way in to work, which has led to some record times. And this morning, for the first time ever, I overtook a guy on a scooter. I’m still laughing now thinking of the double take he did when he saw me coming past! He overtook me again pretty quick but I stayed with him pretty much all the way to Belfast.
Last week, on the way home with a very strong wind against me, a couple of cyclists came past me. The one in front was all kitted out and also a ridgeback rider – his was a nice racer though. The one behind was pretty much the opposite of the one in front and had obviously been tailing the one in front all the way from Belfast – He even said to me as he went past “I’ll have to catch up with my moving wind break here”
Sensing that the guy in front would be a bit pissed off I kept up with them.
The guy in front kept slowing down and looking behind him but the second guy just didn’t get the hint. I think the second guy even had the cheek to say “speed up a bit” to the guy in front. So eventually I went ahead to give the guy in front a break and as he passed me later on, as I went a different direction to where they were going, he thanked me for taking my turn and rolled his eyes towards the other guy.
Some people just don’t seem to get cycling etiquette, you would of thought the guy in front was making it fairly obvious that he wanted a break when he slowed down and looked over his shoulder. It was nice to be riding in a group for a change though.

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