Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Bike !

The un-ending repairs to my old bike finally got to me and I just went out and bought a new bike last weekend.
The final straw was when I set out to work one day last week and the rear mech just collapsed.
I was toying with the idea of getting a Ridgeback Nemesis which has hub gears and breaks, but the bloke in Bike Dock convinced me that the Ridgeback Super Nova was more suited to the type of riding that I do, which is mainly the 22 mile round trip of my daily commute. Its the first time i've bought a more expensive bike (more expensive to me anyway). It has a Shimano Deore XT group set, which I'm hoping will be more hard wearing than the budget components on my current bike - time will tell, I've decided i'm going to let the bike shop service it anyway. I'm going to get a rear rack and mud guards for it next month.
I'm paying it off over a year, and when i've paid for this one i'm already planning to get a proper road bike. There is just something really appealing about well built bikes don't you think?


Susanne said...

It looks nice! It is so much fun to ride a new bike. It is like having a baby: yours it the most beautiful you have ever seen. The other people think they have a nice bike, but you know that yours is the best!

Dave said...

Its true, when I came up to the house at the end of my commute I just wanted to keep riding, everything was just going so smoothly. I really like the plain silver look, it makes all my cycling gear look really scruffy though, especially my chunky old Lidl's helmet - I may have to buy a flashy new helmet aswell.

Lena said...

I want to ride YOUR bicycle, I want to ride your bike!

Hey, I always thought bikes were boring, but you certainly make 'em look fun!!