Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lighten up

Its that time of year when the hunt for the bike lights begins. I found the rear light no problem, but couldn’t find the front one anywhere. So as I knew I’d be riding home in the dark tonight I decided to go out and buy myself another one. I bought the dinky Cateye EL400 which is very bright for its size, and if my other light turns up I can attach this one to my helmet. Which will certainly get peoples attention when I look their way at junctions.
I also asked the bloke at the bike shop about replacing worn cones, and he said its not worth it because once the cones are worn the cup on the hub will also be worn so you may as well get a new wheel !!
Can this be right, I know my bike takes a lot of abuse as I ride it 22 miles a day in all weather conditions. But I only got new wheels last year. He also said that it doesn’t matter how much the wheels cost because he’s seen the same thing happen to a set of £300 wheels. Anyway, they are running a maintenance course after Christmas so hopefully next year I’ll be a more competent mechanic.


steve said...

I don't think it's right. I just had my bike in for servicing and the cones had rotted away (probably due to all the salt on the roads in winter here in Nova Scotia), but inside the hub everything was fine. The mechanic changed the bearings anyway since he had it open but I could have got away with just the cones being replaced.

It's certainly possible that the cones can be worn and letting gunk into the insides and the hub is shot, I just don't think it's necessarily definitely the case.

Scott Person said...

I have the same little Cateye light. You're right - very bright for it's size, and the batteries last forever.

Ride safe,

Dave said...

Yes, I think your right Steve. Its the type of bike shop that trys to sell you a new bike when all you want is new tyre. Do you know are cones a standard size?

the cateye is really getting me noticed, best purchase i've made in ages