Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bicycle made for three

I finally tried bike + child seat + trailer bike combination this week and it worked! The only problem is a bolt that hangs down from the child seat and scrapes the trailer bike, but there is a plastic sleeve protecting the frame and i'm going to file the offending bolt down this weekend.
The one thing about having 2 kids behind you is that cars do seem to give you a lot more room, but I only have to use the road for a tiny stretch as there is a cycle path for most of the way to the school, although it is covered in glass in parts. I've been tempted to bring a dustpan and brush with me.
You get quite a lot of people smiling at you and kids saying cool, but I dont see many of them getting out of their cars and doing the same. Who knows - one day it might be their only option.


Anonymous said...

I want to see a picture of the three of you on the road! I'm sure my imagination isn't doing it justice!

Not Responding said...

We've just outgrown childseats and trailers so I'm very familiar with hearing from other school run parents just how cool and impressive the set up is. As you say, never seen anyone else throw a leg over a bike, though.

I've now got two daughters (6 and 8) who fortunately now can travel under their own steam.