Monday, November 15, 2004


Went for a day trip to Dublin yesterday and noticed a big increase in cycle lanes since the last time I was there, didnt stop people riding on the pavement though or riding through red lights with their child sitting on the crossbar. Not surprisingly there were plenty of wrecked bikes attached to lamp posts and cycle stands.
When you ride in a city I think its important to dominate the traffic and stake your claim on the stretch of road you are using, but for me this doesnt include taking stupid risks - especially going through red lights.
Back to the commute this morning and someone pulled right in front of me without indicating, so I hammered on the window. Even when its blatantly their fault why do some motorists always assume its the cyclists fault. Maybe hammering on the window isnt the best option but what else can you do to make someone understand how dangerous a 2 tonne piece of metal can be. I think i'll hammer on the roof next time this happens - I think it'll make a more satisfying bang.

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gwadzilla said...

I boasted in my BLOG about running red lights today

calculated risks