Thursday, August 05, 2004

Mini Cycling Holiday

I've just spent the weekend in Waterford doing the show at the "Spraoi" (apparently it means "Fun" in Irish) and I managed to get the bike rack rigged up to Chris's car. So after 4 hours looking over my shoulder to make sure it wasnt falling off we got to Waterford and the Hotel owner was kind enough to let me lock it in the beer garden.
The next morning it was down for an early breakfast and then out towards Bunmahon on a glorious sunny day. It was such a joy to be cycling for pleasure rather than just commuting. From Bunmahon I came back along the copper coast through Annestown and on to Tramore before heading back to Waterford. A total of 37 miles.
The copper coast is lovely, and I was accompanied by swifts diving around the cliff edge. Unfortunatley I forgot to bring my camera with me so no picies i'm afraid. But the next day in Waterford I did see a foldable tandem which I took a picture of, unfortunatley the owners werent about so I couldnt ask them about it.
I'm bringing the bike over to Scotland at the end of the month when we go to stay in the wig wams in Dumfries, so hopefully I'll get a few more early morning rides in

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