Friday, July 09, 2004

Half a Century

I've done some miles this week.
On Wednesday I did 50 miles! All the way to Bangor with juggling stuff in my rucksack for a gig at the Bangor Market. I went over the Craigantlet hills which is a killer, but the pay off is the long descent in to Bangor on the other side.
Then coming in to Belfast I had the wind behind me all the way down the dual carriageway. Using the dual carriageway can be a bit scary but it's better than riding through all the glass and dog crap on the cycle path.
I really want to do a century before the end of the summer but I dont know when i'm going to fit it in.
The Tour de France is in full swing but itv1 seem to be giving it less coverage than last year unfortunatley. Oh well, i'll just have to follow it on the net.

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