Saturday, May 29, 2004

Fun with one wheel

This week has been building up to the Lord Mayors show in Belfast. On Thursday night we had all the kids that were taking part practicing their unicycling skills in a local park. I arrived on my normal bike and at one point I had them all following behind me with one of them grabbing on to my mud guard, I felt like a mummy duck with all the baby ducklings behind. As usual at this type of event I was riding my giraffe unicycle. The parade route is quite uneven in parts, not so bad when you are on two wheels, but quite tricky to negotiate when you are on one. And I did come off once, which isn't usually too bad but this time the seat followed me to the ground and whacked me in the back of the calf muscle.
Its still quite sore, I hope its OK for Monday as its a bank holiday but the kids are at school and my wife will still be in college so it will the first opportunity I've had in a while to go out on a long ride.

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